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Pars Rover Manufacturing & Industrial Group, as the first manufacturer of composite painting materials in Iran, has continued its extensive activities in Iran and neighboring countries for more than 10 years thanks to the support of its customers.
Scrapers and spatulas can be mentioned as the most widely used tools for use in building priming.
The use of a nail or rivet as the fastener of handle to spring (metal plate) is the biggest disadvantage of these tools in the global markets.
The tool falling from the height and frequent use of these tools results in the loosening and detachment of the handle from spring (metal plate).
We have invented a new design procedure in Pars Rover in which, the plastic injection is performed into the metal plate in order to avoid this problem.
We have also found a solution to prevent palm sweating while working by embedding wood in the handle, which is so applicable in plastic handles.
Pars Rover Manufacturing and Industrial Group Products are ready to supply in 36-box cartoons in Iran and to export to neighboring countries in larger cartons.
The products are free from any pleat on springs and handles.
We attempt to satisfy the company's motto namely: "Quality is attention to details" and to win the confidence of our dear customers.
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Quality Means Attention To Details

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